Money Smart Kids

Teaching children and youth the essential life skill of financial literacy.


our mission

At ZalaSmart, our aim is to provide children and youth with foundational knowledge in financial literacy and money management, with learning opportunities that expand outside of the classroom, so that they have the opportunity to learn all about money while having fun doing so! 


In todays world, we are constantly surrounded by money. No matter where we go,  we are interacting with money in some way, experiencing first-hand the roles that it plays in our society and in our own personal lives. 

But often, children and youth aren't exposed to important money-related concepts until later in life, which can present unique challenges and difficulties as they get older when responsibilities and expectations become greater. 

That's why we believe money management is an essential life skill to that should be introduced and adopted in the early stages of development, so that children and youth can learn first-hand the value of money and the importance that it has in our lives. This can help them to make better, smarter decisions about money, and develop methods for achieving their present and future goals. 


Children and youth should have the opportunity to learn about valuable financial concepts that aren't taught in schools, so that they can get a head start on leading fulfilling pursuits and building bright futures for themselves. 


Children are taught through classroom teaching, day-camps and field trips.

Because we acknowledge that experiential learning heightens childrens' and youth ability to learn most effectively, our goal is to provide fun and interactive experiences that help children to grow in ways that they can truly enjoy and hold onto. 


Through our learning opportunities, we hope to change the high statistical rate of young adults between the ages of 18 to 25 with high credit card debt and little to no personal savings.

By demonstrating the importance of money to children and youth today, we can best prepare them for their futures.